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About Us

Twins UK is dedicated to twins, triplets and multiple births families throughout pregnancy and early years right through to adulthood.

We understand the unique challenges of raising multiples and provide specialist equipment, advice and gifts that aim to make your life a little easier and a lot more enjoyable!

Twin Tips provides information on twin pregnancy & multiple birth, breastfeeding, parenting tips for twins & triplets, shopping guides & checklists to help you prepare for any eventuality!

Our gifts for twins and triplets will delight family & friends who find it difficult to find one present never mind two! Our exclusive TwinKits™ help parents save time, effort and money!

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TwinsUK was launched in September 2005 in response to the growing need to provide appropriate information, advice and good quality, practical products for the increasing number of parents of twins and more. The twinning rate in the UK has increased by 50% in the last 20 years and continues on an upward trend, so there are a lot of us about!

After having personally experienced the daily challenges a family with twins face and feeling a strong passion about the need to reduce the burden and provide a positive experience for expectant and new parents, we then carried out extensive research with twins and higher multiples parents across the country and TwinsUK was born to meet the specific needs of these families.
Our aim is to provide a comprehensive service to families with multiples from pregnancy to pre-school, to give straight-forward advice and practical tips for expectant and new parents and provide an extensive range of products with the added convenience of online shopping and home delivery.

We have carefully chosen and researched each and every product and have sought to bring you the very best practical and innovative products from around the world. We also know just how special the experience of having twins is and have designed and commissioned an exclusive range of clothing, stationary and gifts that will delight all parents and provide much needed help for family and friends who find it difficult to find one gift never mind two!
We've gone even further and developed a brand new concept, TwinKits™, which are custom-made kits containing all the everyday essential items needed by parents of twins or more which will save you time, effort and money.

TwinKits™ are exclusively available from TwinsUK and include a range of pregnancy and parenting kits as well as our special TwinGifts™ the perfect gift for two! TwinKits are supplied in handy, re-useable carry packs.

Or why not Create Your Own TwinKit™, our KitBuilder™ allows you complete flexibility to create your unique kit that is as individual as you and your twins or multiples are.
We believe in supporting the multiples community and work with Tamba and BLISS on information sharing & promoting a wider awareness of their organisations and the issues affecting parents of twins, triplets and higher order multiples. You can help us support their work by making a small charitable donation when you place an order - every little helps! TwinsUK also donates 2.5% of the sales of our premature range to BLISS.

We also provide the opportunity for Twins and Multiples Clubs to join TwinsUK and to benefit from our special programs and incentives that help support clubs through promoting awareness and fund-raising.
At TwinsUK we really know what an incredible and enjoyable experience having twins or more can be and we want to make you and your children feel extra special, because you are!

We want your experience of TwinsUK to exceed your expectations. We have the confidence that we can serve you in the best way as we have proven experience with multiples and understand your needs completely. We constantly strive to improve our service and keep our product range fresh and innovative and welcome your honest views and opinions.

So if you have any comments or ideas, we'd love to hear them by sending your e-mails to

Best wishes,

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