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Shopping Help

Should you have any problems purchasing items from our website, we have written a quick run through :-

Shopping from TwinsUK is a simple and easy process, we've designed the store to help you find what you want, quickly! Paying is secure and simple using a credit or debit card.

Find the item you wish to purchase, by browsing the categories on the left menu or by searching for a specific item. Click the products image to get more information on your selected product. Enter how many you wish to order in the quantity box. Click 'Add To Basket' to add the item to your order. Repeat with any other items you would like.

In the column on the left, you will see a box telling you how many items are in your basket and the total cost, click on 'View my Basket ' to check your order is correct or click the checkout button to go straight to the payment details. You'll then have to fill in your delivery address and choose your method of payment;

Paying by Credit/Debit Card

Click 'Pay by Credit/Debit', and you will be forwarded to our secure server to complete your order.

Select your currency and click your card type, on the following screen enter your credit card details and confirm your address,

Once you have clicked 'Make Payment ', you will be sent an email confirming your order, which will contain an order number; please quote this, should you need to contact us about your order. THIS IS NOT A RECEIPT. Credit card transactions, also have another email sent from the bank (WorldPay) confirming successful transactions.

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Paying by Cheque

Click 'Pay by Cheque', a confirmation screen will then be displayed. You will receive an email containing a summary of your order. Please print this email and include it with your cheque. Once the cheque has cleared we will ship your goods.

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