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*** TwinsUK Exclusive*** T is For Twins Book

Wonderful book that captures the essence of the twin relationship by pairing each letter of the alphabet with an adorable photograph of a set of twins. Follow this delightful rhyme through T is for Twins : "A" is for apples of my eyes. "B" is for babies. full of surprise.......
Parents and children alike will enjoy cozying up together to share this warm book and take a closer look at what makes twins so special. As the book comes to a close. you'll read "Y" is for yesterday's memories. anticipating what's in store. "Z" is for your remarkable zest. We couldn't love you more! The last page contains a clear acrylic pocket for you to insert a photograph of your own children. so that the book can be personalized for your family. What fun it will be for children to read a story that ends with a wonderful picture of them! About the Author T is for Twins is Mary Bond's first book and features her 5 - year old twins. Anna and Jarrett on the cover. She is a firm advocate of reading to children from birth and of the importance of literacy programs as an underlying foundation for future success. Her professional experience as a teacher has provided her with an excellent forum to work on literacy in young children.
Book Reviews
T is for Twins" is the best way to start your child on the path to letters and words. This delightful. poetic adventure should be shared with your children and friends. What a great way to learn the alphabet.
Dr. Harold J. Livera M.D.. FAAP "T is for Twins" is a must-have for the home library of every family with multiples.
Judy Srail - Mother of Twins

Exclusively available at TwinsUK - Member Price 14.95 T is for Twins

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