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** Twins UK Exclusive ** New Twin Baby Carrier

The Weego TWIN is the first Baby Carrier for Twins ! Intended for use in the first few months. this unique twins baby carrier gives you the possibility to carry two babies together on your front. This not only enables you to give both babies a lot of closeness and physical contact but also facilitates the ability to do everyday activities like shopping or going for walks without having to take your twin buggy or pram along too ! The Weego Twin Baby Carrier can be used from birth upwards - starting at a weight of the babies of 1.6kg (3.5lbs). This also allows you to use it with premature babies (the average weight of twins at 37 weeks is 5.5lbs). Depending on the weight and size of the babies it can be used until the twins are approximately 6m old or up to 35lbs in total (8kg per baby). The unique double pouch construction of the Weego TWIN features an inner and outer pouch for each baby to make sure both babies are always secure. comfortable and cosy. The Weego TWIN easily adjusts for growing twin babies and to fit different people carrying them. so it's great for mums and dads too !

The Weego TWIN Baby and Infant Carrier is made of navy light cotton twill with blue and green plaid lining. The Weego is machine washable at and can be tumble dried at low temperature.
Babies love to be carried ! During pregnancy. the babies experience closeness to its mother through her heartbeat. motion and voice. After birth. the babies thrive through close physical contact. Giving your children this physical closeness as often as you can will contribute to happy and healthy development. Scientific research proves that children carried frequently are not only more content and cry less but carrying also: * Supports the bonding between parent and child(ren). * Promotes the development of personality and self-confidence. * Supports the development of linguistic abilities and motor skills. The Weego Twin makes this closeness possible giving your twin babies the space to discover the world and leaving parents´ hands free to explore with them !

Independent Magazine Reviews

Eltern Oct 06. a major parenting magazine in Europe reviewed 10 baby carriers and 6 slings. In this test the Weego was the only baby carrier for newborns that received the positive rating "+" in all assessed features. ("easy handling". "inner pouch seat". "outer pouch". padded shoulder straps and comfort straps for weight distribution"). Eltern rated Weego the best baby carrier from all those tested. TWINS Magazine Aug 06 "We"re officially "endorsing" a few outstanding products for parents of twins. a first for us. We"ve listened carefully to parents comments. reviews and criticisms of various products..these items offer outstanding value and solve key problems parents of twins have told us about….so we"re giving them our "TWINS™ "Seal of Approval" because we believe they"re worthy of your attention. and your money. The Weego Twin Carrier is a brand-new. stunningly innovative front-hanging baby carrier designed specifically for infant twins. from birth (even premature babies) up to 10 lbs or more per child. This is designed by the creative woman who originally designed the first soft baby-carriers back in the "70s. It"s a best-seller in Europe. and gives you a hands-free way to carry your twinfants. snuggled up close to you. Good for babies and good exercise for mum. too!

Twins Tips Using Baby Carriers and Slings Safely

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