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Inglesina Launch New Twin and Triple Prams

Which are the best prams or buggies for twins. triplets or quads ? Maybe the new Inglesina Domino Twin and Triple Prams are for you. These amazing travel systems for twins. triplets and siblings are in a traditional English-style design that exudes style. elegance and quality.
The Domino Twin and Domino Trio are more than tandem twin and triple buggies. they are classic carriage prams that are a life style allowing multiple children to travel in safety and comfort.
With flexible combinations on the Domino Twin and Triple Pram incorporating innovative design with multi-facing. easy clip pushchair seats. car seats and luxury carrycots. you can find the perfect travel solution for your twins. triplets and siblings - not an easy task !
Available from May 2007 - Pre-Order Yours Today !
Read our parent's guide to help narrow your search for twin (double). triple or quad pushchairs. prams. buggies or strollers that suits your lifestyle including special needs.
Broadly. travel options for multiples fall under one of the following categories :
• Tandem / Double Pushchair (Front & Back) • Twin Prams / Double Buggies (Side by Side) • Triple Prams / Buggies / Strollers (SBS/Tandem) • Quad Pushchair (Front & Back / Side by Side)• All Terrain Pushchairs (ATP) / 3-Wheelers• Strollers (Umbrella) - Single / Double / Triple
Pushchairs & Prams For Twins. Triplets & Quads ! You might be lucky enough to be having twins. triplets or quadruplets or you may have an expanding family and require a pram or pushchair that will be flexible for your needs. Whatever the case. your pram and buggy needs are going to be slightly different depending on your circumstances and lifestyle. Please also refer to our useful Checklist for information on questions to ask yourself when considering the purchase of a pushchair (this terms can refer to either pushchairs. buggies. prams or strollers).
Some pushchair manufacturers are beginning to really think about the needs of twins. triplets and the growing family. For multiple children. you can get tandem. twin. triple and quad buggies. prams and pushchairs and we have outlined the main aspects of each type below (this does not cover single pushchairs apart from strollers and special needs):

Twin Prams & Triple PramsA Twin Pram generally has a traditional baby carriage design that is both sturdy and stylish and many double prams are built with extra features to ensure they last. They typically convert from fully reclining prams for newborns to upright buggies for kids up to 3 or 4 years old. Various features include extra-large wheels. adjustable padding. removable weather protection gear. large metal storage baskets. dual wheel brakes and so on.
More recent designs have options for forward or rear facing seating. some have independent reclining seats and most now covert from a newborn twin pram to a more versatile toddler pram although some may opt for the very traditional double pram that will have a limited life-span but may be very eye-catching or a family heirloom ! The latest models now even accomodate triplets and there are a few prams for triplets that offer the comfort. style and convenience you need with triplets. twins and/or siblings and multiple children of different ages. These triple prams are generally in the tandem style with one child behind the other and they usually offer both forward and rearward facing positions.
Twin Prams and Triple Prams provide the traditional cosy and comfortable environment for your babies but they are a lot larger than most twin pushchairs or triple buggies and weigh a lot more too ! Great for parents who walk a lot of the time but you will need a large car for most double or triple prams and be sure to measure your doorways too to ensure it will fit.
Twin Prams / Triple Prams generally allow you to:
• Have a very comfortable and snug environment for your babies first few months • Some can be converted from a pram to a more versatile pushchair although will remain bulky • Great for walking & shopping although you may experience some difficulties with doorways • Are much heavier and bulky so important to measure doorways and check boot if needs to travel

Twin Buggies / Pushchairs (Double / Side by Side) Twin pushchairs / double buggies generally have two front-facing seats side-by-side and most are suitable for two newborns or children of differing ages. They have adjustable seats with lie-flat position that operate independently. with a range of up to four or five reclining positions. swivel front wheels for manoeuvrability and one or two shopping baskets. They generally have four sets of wheels and are suitable for most everyday activities around town although not recommended for off-road (see ATP - All Terrain Pushchairs for 3-wheeler / 4-wheeler twin buggies suitable for town & country).
Twin Buggies or Double Pushchairs generally allow you to:
• Move different aged children out and about from newborn to 4 years old • Independently adjust the seats . fully recline both seats for newborns • Suitable for everyday activities like shopping or walking around town • Can be quite compact. generally will fit most doorways and into family cars
3-Wheeler Buggies - All Terrain Pushchairs (ATP) These stylish twin buggies (or triple buggies) are generally suitable for newborn babies although check carefully as some only partly recline and may only be suitable from 3-6 months. Most new models recline far enough to use from birth so are suitable for twins or triplets. Some twin 3-wheeler (and now 4-wheeler ATPs) strollers have compatible car seats which can be used until baby is strong enough to recline in the pushchair although these are only available for one baby on the side by side versions (on the tandem 3-wheelers. you may find a limited number of pushchairs with a double car seat option but ensure they are lie-flat car seats as the pushchair may not have two lie-flat seats and it is recommended that you should not leave a baby in a car seat for more than 2 hours) .
The more popular development is for twin or triple carrycots that fit onto the base of the buggy and effectively convert it into a twin pram when the babies are small. As they grow the buggy can then be converted back to toddler seats. There are a limited number of pushchairs and prams for twins that offer this option but by far and away the most flexible double buggy in recent months is the First Wheels City Twin as this has the option for babies / toddlers to face forward or rearward independently and has the option for two carrycots. (See above for examples of the double carrycot option)
Three-wheelers are popular with families who enjoy country walking or even jogging or live in rural areas rather than towns. Take particular advice if you are looking to run/jog with your baby as not all pushchairs are suitable (you will generally need a fixed wheel for rough terrain). Three wheelers have excellent manoeuvrability and look for a swivel front wheel as these are generally considered better than a fixed wheel for general use. ATPs are generally very robust but can be bulky and wider than a standard twin pushchair (remember to check your doorways and car boot to ensure it will fit). Some are more difficult than others to fold but the Baby Jogger City Series Double has a unique quick-fold mechanism which means you only have to lift and fold - a much needed innovation in the twin buggy market !
Because most three/four wheelers have soft tyres rather than gel-filled or solid tyres. they may puncture occasionally. so make sure you know or know someone who knows how to deal with a pushchair tyre puncture. Soft tyres do provide much better suspension if out and about and are best for rougher terrain.
And if you're going to be using your three-wheeler buggy on buses and trains. check out its back wheel width because some cannot get through the inner doors on train carriages. Some models have removable front &/or back wheels which help fit these bulky pushchairs into your car. home or public transport.
Generally speaking. three-wheeler buggies will be more expensive than a standard twin pushchair but the costs are falling as they become more popular. Adding optional extras like carrycots and car seats will add to the price but may provide you with the flexibility you require as well as the comfort for your babies.
All Terrain Pushchairs (ATPs) - Three or Four Wheelers generally allow you to:
• Move different aged children out and about from newborn to 4 years old • Independently adjust the seats . fully recline both seats for newborns (on some models) • Suitable for everyday activities around town and walking in country parks or across rougher terrain • Have excellent manoeuvrability particularly with swivel front wheel & comfortable for babies • Can be bulky. heavy and wider than a standard double although some compact models available
Tandem Pushchairs - Twins & Siblings (Front & Back) Tandem pushchairs (double / twin buggies) usually have two forward-facing seats (although some are available for triplets or more). one in front of the other. and are suitable for children of differing ages or twins & multiples from around 3-6 months. They have adjustable seats positions that operate independently although usually only one lie-flat seat at the rear. They usually have swivel front wheels for manoeuvrability and one or two shopping baskets. Adding one or more baby car seat converts some models to a travel system although choice is limited. They are narrower than a twin or triple buggy but are significantly longer so you really do need to check its size when folded and remember the weight will increase as your children grow.
Tandem pushchairs generally allow you to:
• Move different aged children out and about from newborn to around 3 years (depending on leg room) • Recline the rear seat fully for a newborn baby (only suitable for one baby / twins from 3 months) • Some allow forward and rear facing configuration of seats. • Some have "stadium seating." placing the baby in the rear higher up so both kids can enjoy the view. • Attach an optional car seat designed to fit onto the frame (limited choice for twins & triplets) • Are available for quads and higher multiples but only from outside UK & may not meet British or European Standards

Triple Buggies / Pushchairs (Side by Side) Triple buggies are a fairly recent addition to the pushchair family - but with the number of multiple births on the increase. triple pushchairs are a welcome addition to the range. Pushchairs for three children are available but brands are limited.
Triple Strollers are very popular with Nurseries and Childminders as well as the family with three toddlers and there are a few Triple Pushchairs that are made for newborns triplets such as the City Trouper Triple Buggy. One model even has the option to remove one of the seats. turning it from a Triple to a Double pushchair. this is the G3 Voyager Triple to Twin Convertible Pushchair.
All guidelines for standard pushchairs apply but most triple buggies have a weight limit of 50kg and recommend use up to the age of 4 years. They are wider than a double pushchair and can be difficult to manoeuvere around town although generally are manufactured as umbrella folding type as this makes them relatively lightweight and more compact for travel. (See also ATP - All Terrain Pushchairs for versions with carrycot options)
Durability. weight and pushchair robustness are key as well as ensuring children have room to grow. And check the guarantees available for these triple pushchairs as they're going to be working hard for you.

Quad Buggies / Multiple Children (Max 6) Pushchairs for quadruplets are a rarity in the UK but there is a tandem/side by side style pushchair that will take four babies - rear seats from newborn and the front seats from three months old. It has adjustable seats with lie-flat position that operate independently and swivel front wheels for manoeuvrability.
Quad Pushchairs are very popular with Nurseries and Childminders as well as the family with four children. However. there are also innovative travel systems like the six-seater 'bus' shown below that nurseries and schools may find useful.

Strollers Strollers are lightweight but robust in design for added freedom of movement. Some models are suitable for newborns if the stroller fully reclines flat like the Babydan Reykjavik Twin Stroller or the City Trouper Dou Double Stroller. Newborn babies should not be put into strollers that do not recline flat. From three months. baby can be put into a partly reclining stroller like the B12 Triple Umbrella for triplets (or twins and sibling) and from six months baby can cope with one that does not recline but think hard about the comfort factor.
Sometimes called "umbrella" strollers (named for their hooked handles). they have the advantage of portability. Lightweight strollers are less sturdy than full-size baby strollers so you should avoid hanging shopping on the them but they are also very affordable. so having one in addition to a sturdier model won't break your budget.
Strollers are lightweight. folding and easily transportable. Most have swivel front wheels for manoeuvrability and some have adjustable seat positions. For twins/siblings use stroller connectors to make a quick double stroller. perfect for travel and short trips and a fraction of the cost. There are a huge number of strollers to choose from dependent on budget. Most strollers fold up into really small packages so are suitable for travelling and take up less space in the home and car. Strollers are:
• Lightweight yet robust. • Easy to operate - check out if the wheels can lock or swivel • Many models have lie-back adjustments • Available in single. twin or triple designs (although limited selection for triple strollers) • Stroller Connectors can link two strollers together. good for short trips & travel with twins.

Special Needs
The Twin Major Pushchair is designed for the larger child who has difficulty walking and is registered with with MHRA as a Class I Medical Device. A strong. lighweight folding buggy which has been tested to 25kg in each seat. this is recommended for children up to the age of 7/8 years.
The Baby Jogger Independence Advance is from approx age 4 to small adult size with maximum carrying weight 100lbs (7 stone/ 45kilos) and the Baby Jogger Freedom Advance Mobility (to 200lbs) will be available from Feb 07 - these are single pushchairs for children and adults with physical disabilities to help them pursue an active lifestyle.
Traditional wheelchairs are far too expensive for rough and muddy roads. but these pushchairs provide a comfortable and smooth ride and people love them as they don't look 'medical' but are friendly and inviting for all ages. Baby Jogger will bring smiles to everyone by providing the opportunity to go for long walks. hiking or even to the beach.

You can also visit the TwinsUK Take Us Out department to see our range of tandem and side by side twin. triple. and quad pushchairs. buggies and prams including special needs as well as some handy travel accessories.
Accessories & Attachments Although selection is limited you can find attachments to add on to your existing pushchair that will allow you to convert a single buggy into a double buggy or a double into a triple ! Here are a selection of current products available in the UK:-
• Swiss Strolli Rider - a wheeled seat attachment similar to a bike saddle for toddlers • Buggy Pod - buggy seat attachment for single or double pushchairs • Buggy Boards - standing attachment for rear of pushchairs suitable for toddlers & older children • Stroller Connectors - simple system using 3 connectors to link two strollers • Double/Triple - (G3 Voyager) - removable seat attachment converting a double to a triple
Remember to check to see if any additional items are included or optional extras :

Car Seats

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