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Pregnancy Health Month September 1st-30th

September marks Pregnancy Health Month, and Tommy's baby Charity new campaign 'Lets Talk Baby'. Tommys aims to raise awareness of pregnancy health issues.  Tommy's is the baby charity which was set up in 1992 and through a national programme of research aims to end the heartache caused by premature birth. stillbirth and miscarriage. It also provides information on healthy pregnancy to parents and health professionals. For more information and to get involved visit


There is no greater joy than bringing new life into the world and pregnancy is undoubtedly the most exciting time in a woman’s life. unparalleled by any other. A twin pregnancy can bring double the joy but  there are added complications with any multiple pregnancy and it's important to understand the risks and to be prepared.  TwinsUK offers a range of parenting books that cover multiple pregnancy and birth. here are a few that also deal with the more difficult aspects of multiple pregnancy including premature birth and loss of a twin.


Twins & Multiples Birth Book Essential Guide


Your Premature Baby 0-5yrs


In the past our mother’s and certainly our grandmother’s generations pregnancy was a time to wait in anticipation of the birth of their baby or babies. To hear their stories. they had prenatal care. which was basically limited to a few visits to their doctor during the pregnancy and possibly an antenatal class. A lucky few even had early generation ultrasounds. Although pregnancy remains the same. the experience between modern mums and their predecessors seem worlds apart. Here are some articles that may help you. for all our articles. see our Twins Tips section which is packed full of useful tips for families of multiples of all ages.


All Multiple Pregnancy Articles


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