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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins
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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins: A step-by-step programme for sleep-training your multiples. This invaluable guide will not only get your twin babies to sleep through the night but help you stay healthy and rested so you can enjoy the many blessings of having more than one!

Good sleep is essential for your children's health, growth and development, but establishing a successful sleep schedule is not easy, and training twins and multiples offers an even greater challenge for parents.

As parents of twins and multiples know, double the fun can be double the sleep deprivation. Now, in Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins, leading paediatrician and renowned sleep expert Dr Marc Weissbluth combines specialised advice for parents of twins with his tried-and-tested sleep-training methods to show exhausted parents how to get their twin babies to sleep on their own, stay asleep and sleep regularly.

This practical, step-by-step guide to establishing good sleep patterns reveals how to build healthy habits in twins natural slumber cycles, including:-

- How healthy sleep differs from junk sleep, plus a helpful tutorial on the techniques of sleep training for new parents
- The five ingredients of healthy sleep, and why day-time sleep is different from night-time sleep but equally important to good health
- Why its crucial for your babies to master the ability to fall asleep unassisted, without protest or crying, and how to help them do so
- Explains how fraternal and identical twins may sleep train differently and what to do about it and addresses specific problems that can arise from training more than one baby at the same time
- Essential tips for synchronizing your twins sleep schedules, information about how twins sleep best, when to keep them together, and when it's time to separate them
- Reveals the common mistakes parents of twins make to get their children to sleep

About the Author
A paediatrician for thirty-five years, Dr Marc Weissbluth is also a leading researcher on sleep and children. He founded the original Sleep Disorders Center at Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital and is a professor of Clinical Paediatrics at Northwestern University School of Medicine. He has lectured extensively to parent groups and has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

  • Step-by-Step Twins Sleep Guide
  • Essential & Practical Twins Tips
  • Paperback 192 Pages

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