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York Hospital Twins Antenatal Classes -

York Hospital offers Twins Antenatal Classes in education Room G2. Contact Ismet Metcalfe or Sandra Bamforth for more information by e-mail to or s.bamforth2@ntlworld.

Which? Birth Choice -

Website helping women in the UK choose where to give birth using information about maternity care, maternity statistics and research-based information about childbirth. The site also provides overviews of the different birth environments to help women decide if they would like to have their baby/babies in a labour ward, birth centre or at home.

Vesta Birth & Parenting -

Sarah Ramsden is a mum of triplets and a birth practitioner who has a range of multiple birth courses for parents looking for antenatal classes for twins or triplets in North and West Yorkshire. She is incredibly passionate about the provision of birth and parenting services to multiple birth parents and you can call her on 07783983362 if you would like more information or visit her website.

UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative -

The Baby Friendly Initiative is a global programme of UNICEF and the World Health Organisation which works with the health services to improve practice so that parents are enabled and supported to make informed choices about how they feed and care for their babies. Actively promotes breastfeeding, some info on multiples.

Ultrasound Direct -

We provide direct access to private ultrasound scans for Pregnancy, Women's and Men's health. Using our unique appointment system, you can search, choose and book a scan online at any of our 50+ UK clinics, 24/7. You don't need a referral letter and you get a result from us on the day, so your health needs are met by our values.

Twins Maternity Nurse

My name is Joanna Sidney , I am a 29 year old qualified twins maternity nurse. I help families in the early weeks of having twins and I work anywhere in the country. I was a nanny for 10 years beforehand so I have lots of knowledge in how to involve siblings in the care of the twins. For more information please e-mail me on: (no website)

Twins Antenatal -

Twins Antenatal provides online antenatal courses for parents expecting twins. Run by sisters Denise and Michelle Twins Antenatal allows anyone pregnant with twins easy access to specific information. Midwife and mum of two Denise teaches antenatal classes in Leeds and can provide private 1:1 sessions for multiple pregnancy on request. Their website has a number of download packages available from early pregnancy onwards.

the Babyworks -

Having twins or triplets can be a daunting thought! At The BabyWorks we have specialist maternity and night nannies who have extensive experience in working with multiple babies. They can provide specific advice and guidance on how to care for and feed your newborns. Many mothers who deliver multiples have C-sections and the weeks that follow are an important time for recuperation. A maternity nanny can provide a very welcome pair of extra hands and support. In addition to this they would have the same responsibilities as a normal maternity or night nanny.

Smart Cells (Stem Cell Collection) -

Banking your baby\'s cord blood is an important investment in your family\'s health. Smart Cells is the UK’s longest established umbilical cord blood stem cell storage company and one of the largest in Europe. Our aim is to ensure every expectant parent is able to make an informed choice about storing their baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells. Two of our clients have used their baby’s stored stem cells to treat life-threatening disease within their family. Contact us on: 0207 436 9966,, and QUOTE: TWINS UK to receive a substantial discount on the cost of storage.

Sheila Kitzinger -

The author and social anthropologist campaigns for women to have the information they need to be able to make choices about childbirth. Here you can explore aspects of birth, drawing on her learnings and research into women's experiences of pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

Private Pregnancy - http://ttp://

This website is setup to provide a resource for mums-to-be in the UK who wish to look at private healthcare as an alternative to the NHS. Here you will find listings of carefully selected private clinics, hospitals and consultant doctors that provide fertility, IVF, maternity care, pregnancy scans and childbirth related services of high quality.

Positively Twins Antenatal Classes -

Looking for a relaxed and positive approach to twin pregnancy? Positively Twins Classes are held in Harpenden, Hertfordshire and are relaxed, tailor-made course of antenatal educational classes designed with twin pregnancy in mind. Providing many aspects of pregnancy, labour and delivery along with the immediate post-natal period of caring for your babies. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our classes. For information call or e-mail...Carla 07817 472324 /

Penny Price - Multiple Birth Antenatal Courses -

Having Twins - Antenatal Courses for parents expecting twins or more. If you are expecting twins or more and live in in the Thames Valley around Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire, there are specialist antenatal classes for you. Penny Price, fully qualified and experienced NCT antenatal teacher and midwife, runs courses in Reading, Berkshire. The courses are aimed at couples expecting two or more babies and deal with all the normal issues, as well as the challenges that more than one baby offers. Call Penny on 07772 682604 or email

NCT - National Childbirth Trust -

The NCT is a registered charity that offers parents and parents-to-be, a range of antenatal classes (not multiple specific), helplines and social and educational events. The Trust aims to help all parents enjoy an experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood which enriches their lives and gives them confidence in being a parents.

More Than One Charity -

The More Than One Charity's aim is to raise awareness of the work done by The Women's Services Directorate based at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle upon Tyne and to raise funds to purchase essential equipment and teaching materials that will be used during multiple birth labour. Contact: Sandra Bosman - Midwife for Multiples at the RVI Hospital or e-mail

Midwives Online -

Midwives online is a service for midwives ans health professionals and for parents providing advice, support and information to new parents and families in every aspect of parenting - includes 'Ask a Midwife' facility for any questions.

Maternity Nurse - London, Surrey, Kent, Hartforshire

Nicola Herman and I am currently a Maternity Nanny looking to further her twin and multiple work experience.

I have been a Maternity Nanny for fourteen years and have worked with twins on and off throughout this time. I am looking for a steady flow of multiple work so that I can specialise solely in this area.

I am a qualified NNEB, Sleep Trainer and OCN Maternity Nurse. I am studying towards a degree in Human Biology, which will then lead to qualification as a lactation consultant (IBCLE).

Because of the nature of my profession and studies, I am only looking to work with babies ranging from 0 to 4months, this will cover the lactation consultancy leading onto sleep training.

The area that I will prefer to cover are the London and regional counties eg, Surrey, Kent, Hartfordshire and Sussex- although I am willing to travel slightly further if necessary.

The expenses will be £50 a day to cover lunch and travel expenses. This of course, will depend on the area that I will be going to.

As a Maternity Nanny I am usually booked to work on a 24hr rota or just nights. The 24hr rota is just an option that will make the fees cheaper. The booking can also be made on a part time bases, two to threes days a week.

Thank you for your time.

Nicola Herman ( Miss)

Email Address:

Independent Midwives Association -

The IMA offers parents the choice of arranging their own independent midwifery care. The service offers continuity of care, and empowers women to make informed choices and decisions at every stage. Liason with health professionals, homebirth/hospital, tests can all be arranged through the NHS or privately.

Hypnobirthing Babies -

HypnoBirthing® teaches techniques for relaxation using self hypnosis, visualizations and special breathing techniques. Hypnosis for childbirth has research showing that there are fewer medical interventions, less medication needed during birth, and quicker recovery post birth. Contact or visit her website.

Health Vistor Direct -

Health Visitor Direct is a free online service dedicated to advising parents regarding any parenting matter. Our unique “Ask Our Health Visitor “Service enables parents to ask a question directly and we will answer within 24 hours.

Having Twins -

Antenatal Courses for parents expecting twins or more. If you are expecting twins or more and live in in the Thames Valley around Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire or Buckinghamshire, there are specialist antenatal classes for you. Penny Price, fully qualified and experienced NCT antenatal teacher and midwife, runs courses in Reading, Berkshire. The courses are aimed at couples expecting two or more babies and deal with all the normal issues, as well as the challenges that more than one baby offers. Call Penny on 07772 682604 or email

For Birth and Beyond - Multiples Antenatal Courses -

For Birth and Beyond offer professional antenatal and parenting courses in East London and Essex. We run friendly classes for small groups and individuals in comfortable surroundings. Choose from a variety of classes:- Early Pregnancy Workshop, Baby Equipment Workshop, Multiple Birth Courses, Individual Sessions on Breastfeeding, Caesarean Birth, Home Birth etc We look forward to helping you prepare for the birth of your child and all that lies beyond....please see website for more information and contact details.

Dr Foster Good Birth Guide -

Provides information on how maternity care is delivered in the UK and gives details of the services offered by individual maternity units. It has been designed to help you find the maternity care best suited to your individual needs.

Doula UK -

Doula UK is run voluntarily by Doulas. "Doula" (pronounced "doola") is a Greek word meaning "woman servant or caregiver". It now refers to an experienced woman who offers emotional and practical support to a woman (or couple) before, during and after childbirth. Doula UK offer encouragement and support and have a 'Find a Doula' resource for parents.

Birth & Baby Network -

A network of professionals providing support and services for expectant and new parents in North Tyneside. We are passionate about what we do and we hope you will find this network useful and informative. Please click on the website link for more information.

Be Ready To Parent - Carer and Parent Training -

Practical training for parents-to-be with Dr Ella Rachamim, Paediatrician and mother to twins and a toddler. Antenatal classes are based in North London and can be specifically tailored to those expecting twins or more. What makes this course unique are the childcare professionals who are invited to speak, who come to share their own up-to-date knowledge and relevant experience. Specific information on equipment, birthing options, c-section and recovery, feeding options, routines, sleep and getting out and about will all be covered. A twin family will also be invited for a Q & A session. In addition to our antenatal program, we run Caring for twins or more Training days. This training day is specifically designed for any childcare professional who will be looking after multiples from birth to preschool. For more information contact Ella at or visit her website.

BabyPrep Antenatal & Postnatal Services -

Welcome to BabyPrep, a young, fun, dynamic company run by Katie Hilton a Registered Midwife, Antenatal Educator and Mum! We offer a range of services and support for expectant and new parents including Specialist Multiple Birth Support,Group and Private Antenatal Classes, Antenatal in a Day, Feeding and Postnatal Advice and Support, Professional Doula Services and Baby & Toddler First Aid in Stafford, Stoke on Trent, Telford and Newport, as well as and the full range of Lazy Daisy Classes in Stafford and Stone!

Babynatal Classes -

Lara is mother of twins and runs an Antenatal Class in Watford called BABYNATAL TWINS Practical Baby Care Workshop. A fantastic chance to learn practical baby care skills for parents-to-be of twins or more! Find Lara on facebook too

BabyEm Maternity Nurse Services -

Babyem is an accredited training agency, specialising in accredited childcare and maternity nurse training courses for nannies, childminders, maternity nurses and health professionals.

They provide help for parents with newborn twins or triplets by supplying a maternity nurse on a 2 day to 2 week placement for free (Admin Charge £50 plus travel expenses). As part of their postnatal maternity nurse qualification, they provide a work placement scheme for their newly qualified maternity nurses. All candidates are experienced child-carers with at least 3 years baby experience, first aid qualifications, DBS and reference checked.

More information regarding their Maternity Nurse Training and placement scheme can be found on their website. Alternatively, please contact Emma on: 0208 986 9008 or email

Association of Radical Midwives -

Midwives and others in the UK committed to improving the maternity care provided by the NHS.Has some information written by midwives on multiple births and different birth stories.

AIMS - Association for Improvements in Maternity Services -

AIMS is at the forefront of the childbirth movement working towards normal birth, providing independent support and information about maternity choices and raising awareness of current research on childbirth and related issues. Includes multiple birth stories from experienced midwives.

2WIN Parent Preparation -

Expecting twins ? The 2WIN Parent Preparation Course is a unique group covering the South East Coast that focuses on twin and multiple pregnancy and its specific challenges. The course aims to be a reassuring guide which will empower prospective parents and give them the confidence they need for their pregnancy, birth and life with their newborn babies. Those wishing to travel can attend a 3 hour session on a one to one basis with an experienced twin consultant to prepare you for having more than one baby. For more information : or click web link.

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