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Useful links
Twinsonline -

Twinsonline is a UK based Information, Advice and Support Service for Parents of Twins and would-be Parents of Twins, and those involved in their care. -

A very popular site with parents for the discussion forums. Also designed to link up twins clubs in the UK and share information on local events. You can register your club here, look to see what other local clubs in your area are doing, or visit the discussion forums.

Twins and Multiples Organisation -

This is an excellent resource for parents and education professionals alike. There is a wealth of information about educating twins and information for families and teachers that can be downloaded. Highly recommended.

Twins & Multiple Births Association (Tamba) -

Tamba is a UK charity providing information and support networks for families of twins and more. Tamba operates a freephone helpline, Twinline, a service for all parents of multiples and the professionals involved in their care. Members receive a quarterly magazine, discounts and as many Twins & Multiples Clubs are registered too, you can find a local club.

Twinless Twins Support Group -

The Twinless Twins Support Group exists to extend support to Twinless Twins as they struggle to come to terms with their grief through the loss of their twin, and for Twinless Twins to honour their own Twinship. We acknowledge parents of twins, siblings of twins, spouses of twins and all who are concerned for the survivor twin, and appreciate that as you deal with your own grief and pain at the loss of one twin, you are seeking help for the other. For more information e-mail:

Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome -

A site for expectant parents whose babies are affected by the twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. TTTS's current work is concerned with providing an informative and up to date resource for TTTS - aimed at both sufferers and medical professionals.

Twin Research (St Thomas' Hospital London) -

The Twin Research & Genetic Epidemiology Unit undertakes studies of adult twins 16-80 yrs under the name of TwinsUK. Now in it's 3rd year year of the TwinsUK project to create a “twinbank” of DNA to continue their successful research into genetic and environmental determinants of common diseases. They run twin days where up to a 1000 twins meet in a more social setting as well as participating in a variety of tests. To find out more about how to become part of the project just click on the link.

The Multiple Births Foundation -

Based at the Institute of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, at Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea Hospital in London, the Foundation was established to support professionals working with multiple-birth families, and runs specialist clinics for multiples' families.

The Lone Twin Network -

The Lone Twin Network is a support group run by and for lone twins, whose loss has occurred at or around birth, in childhood or during adulthood. Joan Woodward who runs the support groups has also written a book 'The Lone Twin - Understanding Twin Bereavement and Loss'. Through twice yearly meetings and personal contact, we aim to offer a friendly and comfortable environment in which to talk openly and honestly about how it feels to be without your twin. You will find there is a wide variety of experiences and circumstances of loss within the members of the group - please remember, you are not alone. e-mail:

Tamba in Northern Ireland -

Tamba is the only membership organisation in Northern Ireland which specialises in giving information to parents and professionals on the various aspects of caring for a multiple birth family.

Smart Cells (Stem Cell Collection) -

Banking your baby's cord blood is an important investment in your family's health. Smart Cells is the UK’s longest established umbilical cord blood stem cell storage company and one of the largest in Europe. Our aim is to ensure every expectant parent is able to make an informed choice about storing their baby’s umbilical cord blood stem cells. Two of our clients have used their baby’s stored stem cells to treat life-threatening disease within their family. Contact us on: 0207 436 9966,, and QUOTE: TWINS UK to receive a substantial discount on the cost of storage.

Multiplicity -

This US site lists organizations, print & website resources that may be helpful for parents facing the challenges of raising multiples, working through loss of one or more multiples, or raising one or more premature or special needs child(ren).

Monoamniotic Organisation -

Monoamniotic Monochorionic Support Site offering support, information, experience and hope to those who have just been diagnosed, to those who have already delivered but looking for others to relate to, and to those who have lost due to this very rare and high-risk type of multiple pregnancy.

Irish Multiple Births Association (IMBA) -

IMBA, was set up in 1996 to cater for the needs of multiples and their families. The organisation is affiliated to TAMBA, its British counterpart. IMBA provides support on a local basis to families of multiples and expectant parents and information to teachers, health professionals and the media.

Dads Guide to Twins Book -

If you are an expectant twin dad wondering what your twin pregnancy and future holds, help is on the way! They dont give you a special twin dad book at the hospital, so I wrote this book to help fathers like you survive the twin pregnancy and truly be prepared for newborn twins.

CLIMB - Centre for Loss in Multiple Birth -

CLIMB provides parent-to-parent and extended family support for those who have experienced the death of one or more twins or higher multiple birth children at any time from conception through birth, infancy and early childhood.

BUTTA - Lone Parents of Twins or Triplets -

Butta is for anyone bringing up twins or triplets alone, you may have become a lone parent through desertion, bereavement, divorce, separation, domestic violence, or by choice. Your partner may work away from home or be in the armed services. We hope to be able to bring people together to help each other.

Birmingham Registry for Twin & Heritability Studies (BiRTHS) -

The Birmingham Registry for Twin and Heritability Studies (BiRTHS) is a great opportunity for the parents of twins to be involved in as if they are involved in the Registry they will receive twin newsletters twice a year and will be invited to yearly social events to meet other twin parents. Moreover if they are involved in the Project they will have great piece of mind as they will be given in depth information about the mental and physical development of their twins, as their progress will be closely followed by physicians, psychologists and researchers. Further to this they will be informed as to whether their twins are truly identical or fraternal. In addition, with your help the project will be furthering twin research and improving support both medically and socially for twin families. T: +44 121 415 8822 or click the link.

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